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Vena Vitae Benelux BV is a company that is fully focused on the regeneration and optimization of your cultivation soils. This includes greenhouse horticulture, arable farming and outdoor cultivation. 

By means of soil analyses, soil profile assessments and the collection of data, we are able to provide you with the right building blocks to not only make your soil resilient, but also to stimulate it organically in such a way that the soil feeds your crops independently again. This through microbial conversions in the root environment.

A poor draining capacity or limited water holding capacity of your soil but also the occurrence of nematodes and soil-borne pathogens often indicates an insufficiently active soil life. this is often due to a lack of carbon or insufficient symbiosis between plant roots and soil life.

This is Vena Vitae's specialism and this is how we try to help agricultural entrepreneurs in Europe day in, day out.

Do we take on the challenge together?

To get the best results from our products, there are countless variables that influence the yield of your crop. We would like to get in touch with you to get the most out of your soil and our products.

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We are inundated on daily basis with information about global warming, the nitrogen problem and future problems surrounding the food supply of the world's population. All of this can ultimately be traced back to the deterioration of our soil, resulting in much less carbon fixation and creating vegetation and soil fertility problems. This makes our soils less resilient, reducing yields and making crops more susceptible to disease and pests. While we recognize this together, many parties point to each other and often too little happens. We from Vena Vitae Benelux BV think it can't go on like this and want to secure our future together with you. Take action with us today and let us work together, from now on, to restore our soil.